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Grosses TaTaaa für eine neue FB-Page

… äusserst sehenswert und wer weiss, vielleicht für die Urheber auch lohnenswert?

No Facebook without the Dutch:

„A special Seamail to Mark Zuckerberg… by the Dutch National Maritime Museum to announce its brand new Facebook page“


Museums Use Web 2.0! *IMPORTANT*

August 31, 2010 1 Kommentar

„[…] Museums use Web 2.0 technology to excite audiences about museum content and gather a roster of “views” and “friends”; users stay connected with a cultural institution in a medium with which they’re familiar. While museums might not target a specific demographic, defining the audiences most likely to take advantage of Web 2.0 applications and marketing specifically to them help drive traffic and the all-important word of mouth.

Does it hurt that it’s mostly a younger generation who pick up Web 2.0? Not at all. James Chung, president of market research firm Reach Advisors, makes it his job to notice how people use technology. “Those who are 65 and over aren’t as dependent on the Internet. Those who are in their late 20s and older depend on the Internet as a tool, while those who are younger live, eat and breathe connectivity. For any museum that wishes to cultivate this younger audience, technology will be a necessary part of their outreach strategy.” The audiences to which museums reach out today will be President’s Circle donors tomorrow. Staying relevant to that growing audience while staying to true to the museum’s mission is integral to a long-term plan.

[…] The value of these applications is often lost under the perception of constant change, privacy concerns and high barriers to entry. Weiterlesen …