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History of Weblogs (Blogs)

„Back of the earliest days of the internet, webblogs (World Wide Web logs or journals, also refered to as blogs) were simply lists of Web links that afforded early Internet useres easy access and navigation to new Web sites. In 1992, Internet pioneer Tim Burners-Lee actually developed and maintained the first-ever weblog know as the What’s New Page, available at […]. […] In 1994, Justin Hall created Justin’s Home Page (, which is generally considered one of the first filtered blogs […]. By the late 1997, blogs began to resemble their currant format in that post were now dated, filtered and personalized. […] Weblog, or blog for short, is now the universally accepted name for all Web sites that feature postings displayed in reverse chronological order.

While blogs experienced significant content refinement in the 1990s, growth was relatively modest; there were only 23 known blogs in existence at the beginning of 1999 […]. Contrast this to 2006, in which there were an estimated 50 million blogs, with new blogs comming online every second […]. This explosive growth can be attributed to two main factors: the debut of free blog-creation Web sites and users‘ desire for more interactive, unfiltered content. […]

Over just 15 years, blogs have evolved from a few internet sites containing web links to a network of over 50 million sites that allow users to gather information and post opinions on any and all subjects.“

Biedenharn, Joe; Snyder, Jeff and White, Alex (2009): Technology Tutorial. Weblogs (Blogs). In: Deans, P. Candace (Hrsg.), Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends. New York, Information Science Reference: 153-154.

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