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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

Applying Social Software – for Businesses

„It is a good first step to identify that there is value in using social software to support daily interactions and relationships between individuals working at or with a business. However, […] not all existing social networking applications that are available on the Internet are appropriate for use in a business environment. […]

Businesses value social software for its ability to facilitate relationships that benefit the needs of the business. […]

[…] businesses need to examine the social software and Web sites in the public domain, understand why they are popular and what functions they offer that could be useful to the business, and then implement those functions in areas of their business that will provide the greatest benefit. […]

Most importantly, businesses need to understand that all of the individual added value social software brings to the table roll up under one umbrella. The social software trend is about empowering people. Through this empowerment, a business achieves the maximum potential from social software. Freeing people from traditional business control of information and organization and giving them tools that they need to make their voices, thoughts, and ideas heard while transending boundaries is the value that social software brings to the table.“

Quelle: Burkhardt, Peter (2009): Social Software Trends in Business: Introduction. In: Deans, P. Candace (Hrsg.), Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends. New York, Information Science Reference: 9-11.