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Our 10-step programme for successful social media

„Our 10-step programme for successful social media is:

1 Listen to/observe what the target audience is
doing in social media

2 Create a “social object” that is relevant to the
brand and of genuine interest

3 Segment the target into tribes. Give them
something they can join.

4 Allow them to engage via their preferred
platform of choice—create multiple interfaces
to your community

5 Make the experience better when shared

6 Optimise your content for sharing—particularly
via newsfeeds and Twitter

7 Use paid-for media to get the ball rolling

8 Take advantage of extreme targeting offered
by social networks

9 Make sure you have the resources to manage your
community management and refresh the content.

10 Track the results and optimise where necessary“

Quelle: McCann (2010): Social Media Tracker Wave 4. Power to the People. Zugriff: 04.10.2010.

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