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Blogs for Businesses

„Blogs enable the „voice“ of a company’s leadership, its brand, or its interests to be accessable to a wide and varied audience. In general, three distinct types of blogs have been found to be most pervasive in practical application: internal blogs, external blogs, and interest-driven blogs.

Internal blogs are those that have been created through internal development practicies in an effort to conjoin disparate employee bases around concepts, work streams and processes, or idea generation.[…]
Mann (2006) insists that highly successful internal blogs, such as learning diaries, rumormill blogs, and job blogs, promote the general well-being of the employee base. These blogs elevate understanding of particular topics, diffuse rumors, and enhance human resource capabilities that drive comprehension of job roles and accountabilities (Mann). […]

External blogs are those that ouwardly face the general Web community. These blogs are developed by a frim by an effort to both inform and persuade stakeholders regarding company values and brands. […]
Outwardly facing blogs that provide information and promotional content may be the most practical for frims trying to build and/or retain their brand identities.  […]

The third practical business application of blogs is for special-interest groups. Most often, these blogs represent political, social, or ethnic groups that seek to persuade individuals to see their perspective or persuade government officials to adjust their views or votes.

Biedenharn, Joe; Snyder, Jeff and White, Alex (2009): Technology Tutorial. Weblogs (Blogs). In: Deans, P. Candace (Hrsg.), Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends. New York, Information Science Reference: 156-157.

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