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Unlocking the Value of Blogs

„In an efford to assist corporations in unlocking the value of blogs, Gartner researchers have offered three main suggestions. First, identify a point of focus for the blog and then work to understand the current bloggers and etiquette within the particular environment. Second, keep expectations at a reasonable level. While blogging can act as a low-cost supplement to other forms of communication, it is not a replacement. Finally, keep in mind that creating and maintaining an effective blog does require a fair amount of skill and effort. Be realistic about your companies abilities, and if necessary, do not hesitate to outsource initial blog hosting efforts […]“

Biedenharn, Joe; Snyder, Jeff and White, Alex (2009): Technology Tutorial. Weblogs (Blogs). In: Deans, P. Candace (Hrsg.), Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends. New York, Information Science Reference: 155.

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