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Success in Cyberspace – for Museums

„Success in cyberspace’s second coming is a little harder to define than program attendance. Do not be afraid to call it quits if it’s not working; it is better not to have a MySpace page than to have one that you can’t keep updated. […]:

1. Set your high-concept goals and find a Web 2.0 technique/application to fit those goals. “It’s not acceptable to say, ‘We want to do it all.’ Set a strategy best serving the mission of the institution.”

2. Start conservatively and build from there.

3. Get all departments on board.

4. Get the statistics. “Keep everyone apprised of the impact the project is having on the institution in general,” advises Simon.

5. Be flexible and open to error.

6. Don’t wuss out. “We’ve known for a long time that visitors define their own museum experiences,” Simon says. “Web 2.0 sites take the radical stance that it is desirable to have users define not just their own experience but everyone’s experience. Can you grin and bear it?

[…] By encouraging staff to pursue new audiences, museums will open their virtual doors to the world and meet visitors on familiar ground. As Simon wrote in an e-mail interview, “Concerns about resources have to be addressed. It’s hard to commit resources when you don’t know why you’re doing it; once institutional leaders buy off on the value, resources become available. Involvement in Web 2.0 can be cheap or pricey, but it takes time to maintain a presence and establish relationships—which is what successful 2.0 products do.”“

Zugriff: 31.08.2010

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