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Trend – World Wide Web

„The Web is not going anywhere and will only continue to evolve. More Web applications will be developed and compete for customers‘ time and attention. As customers become accustomed to communicating and collaborating on the Web, they may choose to take marketing your brands into their own hands. […]

Web 2.0 technologies will not replace traditional marketing such as direct mail or TV advertisments, but instead are new complementing marketing channels that many consumers will expect their brands to communicate through. […] Enabling consumers to participate in each aspect of the marketing mix will help brands remain relevant in todays changing world.“

Bryant, Samantha C. (2009): A Strategic Framework for Integrating Web 2.0 into the Marketing Mix. In: Deans, P. Candace (Hrsg.), Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends. New York, Information Science Reference: 41.

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