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Begriff – What is Enterprise 2.0

„The implementation of Web 2.0 technologies in organizations ushers in a new era of collaboration and communication for enterprises. Enterprise 2.0 is the term that has emerged to describe the organisation’s embrace of Web 2.0 technologies. […]

A more global work force, flexible work space, and more efficient communication are all characteristics of Enterprise 2.0, and each will impact organization differently. Enterprise 2.0 is about agility, efficiency, and productivity. It is about using social software in ways that provide quicker access to information, better and far-reaching access to ideas, and an increase in distributed work and decision making. “

Deans, Candace P. und Ali, Nadira (2009): The Enterprise 2.0 Organization. In: Deans, P. Candace (Hrsg.), Social Software and Web 2.0 Technology Trends. New York, Information Science Reference: 44, 56.

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