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Changing Funding Environment for Museums

„At the present time, and for the past 15-20 years, every-increasing attation has been paid to the accountability of the museum to its publics. For the most part, this concern has arisen as a result of reduced government support for museums […]. The changing funding environment for museums, in North America and Europe particularely, has usually been characterized by a reduction in public funding from government sources and a turn to the „development“ of sources of funding directrly from the public, through corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, admission fees at the door, and a variety of „cost centers,“ ranging from cafés and shops to the rental of the museum for functions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and events hosted by corporations for their clients.“

Quelle: Mastai, Judith (2007): „There Is No Such Thing as a Visitor“. In: Pollock, Griselda [et al.]: Museums After Modernism: Strategies of Engagement. Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell : 173-177.

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