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What is OMEKA?

„The oft-bandied-about description of Omeka is „WordPress for museums“ despite the fact that Omeka isn’t WordPress and many more institutions (and individuals) than museums can use it. But the analogy works here because WordPress is recognized as an easy-to-use, flexible, customizable web publishing platform—all goals of Omeka as well.

But unlike the relatively simplistic creation, storage, and display of blog content (as in WordPress), Omeka was created for the storage and display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Common throughout the Omeka materials are the concepts of extending, uncovering, and complementing physical collections; Omeka allows scholars and professionals the ability to transcend issues of access and provide dynamic content outside static walls. Take, for example, the Lincoln at 200 project, a collaborative effort between the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, the Chicago History Museum, and the Newberry Library. This Omeka-based project made available over 250 items—and extensive narratives around them—to visitors well outside the greater Chicago area.“

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