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How Philanthropy Can Use ‚Social Media‘ Tools

„Readers of Tactical Philanthropy have been discussing how donors and foundations could use “social media” tools—online technology such as blogs, data bases, and wiki software—to share information about effective philanthropy.

The creator of Tactical Philanthropy is Sean Stannard-Stockton, who works for an investment-management company in Burlingame, Calif. He says he believes GiveWell is the first real attempt by donors to use such tools.

He calls it “refreshing to see donors blogging instead of consultants and advisers (like me) telling everyone what donors want.”

He also wonders why foundations don’t share more information with each other, for example by setting up wikis (public Web sites that can be edited by multiple users) to report on their research.“

By Peter Panepento

Zugriff: 12.08.2010

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