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Future Problems of Museums

„What do AAM members think about the future?

In a November 2007 survey, the American Association of Museums asked its members “What do you think is the single most significant challenge facing the museum profession over the next several years?” The top four challenges they identified were:

  1. Funding: “Continuing and increasing public funding for museums, to make reliance on private funding less crucial. As public institutions, museums should not be subject to the whims of private benefactors to the extent they now are.
  2. Technology: “I think the biggest challenge facing museums is maintaining current museum standards and practices as the technology used by museums and the general public changes. This means that museum professionals must be educated in new technological formats and possibilities, must form non-traditional collaborations with professionals in technological fields and must somehow come up with the funding to do all of this.”
  3. Leadership development: “Leadership change.  Boomers are retiring from the profession and from trusteeship. A double whammy.” “[Where will we find] the next generation of leaders and visionaries at all levels in the museum profession?”
  4. Maintaining the public relevance of museums in a time of rapid social and cultural change.“

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