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Datenvisualisierung – IRC

Bildausschnitt *Sorted by amount of incoming references*

IRC Arcs

A simple visualization of IRC communication behavior: Who is talking to whom? Or, more appropriately: Who is namedropping whom?

* Circles represent users
* Arcs represent references

… where a reference is a message from a user containing the name of another user.

Arcs are directional and drawn clockwise: In the upper half of a graph they point from left to right, in the bottom half from right to left. Arc strength corresponds to the number of references from the source to the target.

This visualization favors strong social connections over sociability: Frequent references between the same two users feature more prominently than combined references from several sources to a single target.

(Gesamte Grafik)

1. „Post Idol“

Emphasis on active users.

* Circle size = Number of messages
* Circle color = Average message length

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